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Harnessing AI to Beat the NFL: Johns Hopkins Professor & Super Bowl Champion Team Up to Beat the Odds

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AI-Powered NFL Insights

Dr. Anton Dahbura of Bell Labs, MIT and sitting professor at Johns Hopkins University, Super Bowl Winner Femi Ayanbadejo, and team of brilliant minds have partnered with Winners and Whiners for an exclusive opportunity to help sports bettors make well-informed decisions.

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI. Dive deep into AI-driven NFL game predictions, in-depth match-up analysis, and player performance metrics. 

Dive into the future with an 86.36% weekly profitability rate from last season’s BETA. 


Meet the Team

Hear it Straight From Femi

Discover the power of our platform through Femi’s words.


The Problem we’re Solving

A changing landscape, a new opportunity

We live in a world where technology, mathematics and Ai are becoming more ubiquitous by the day in all areas of life and sport. However, Las Vegas and other globally trusted NFL odds producers have been reluctant to lean in to this approach. Beside the tech short-fall, Vegas NFL odds producers are counting on fans to make irrational and uninformed decisions. Odds are moved by money and fandom rather than pure quantitative analysis. Vegas has an inherent market inefficiency and we want to help you capitalize on this opportunity.


Our Solution

Built by fans, for fans

We are an eclectic group of computer scientists and analysts from Johns Hopkins University. Our team is also comprised of team members that represent the NFL from a player, media and executive perspective. We have tapped into our combined experiences and specialties to create a revolutionary Ai powered platform chalked with features reflecting one of the most advanced approaches to NFL game modeling on the planet. We are also NFL fans, just like you!

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2023 Season:
22 – 10 ATS (69%)

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Week 2: 10-6 ATS (63%)​

Status Game Score
WON Green Bay (+3) vs Atlanta 24-25
WON Indianapolis (+1) vs Texas 31-20
WON Seattle (+4.5) vs Detroit 37-31
WON Minnesota (+6.5) vs Philadelphia 28-34
LOST Chargers (-2.5) vs Tennessee 24-27
WON Pittsburgh (+2.5) vs Cleveland 26-22
LOST Chicago (+2.5) vs Tampa Bay 17-27
WON Baltimore (+3.5) vs Cincinnati 27-24
LOST Jacksonville (+3.5) vs Kansas City 9-17
WON LA Rams (+7.5) vs San Francisco 23-30
LOST New York Giants (-4.5) vs Arizona 28-31
LOST New York Jets (+8.5) vs Dallas 10-30
WON Washington (+3.5) vs Denver 35-33
WON Miami (-1.5) vs New England 24-17
LOST Las Vegas (+7.5) vs Buffalo 10-38
WON Carolina (+3.5) vs New Orleans 17-20

Week 1: 12-4 ATS (75%)​

Status Game Score
WON Tampa Bay (+4.5) vs Minnesota 20-17
WON Green Bay (+1.5) vs Chicago 38-20
WON Jacksonville (-3.5) vs Indianapolis 31-21
WON LA Rams (+5.5) vs Seattle 30-13
WON Tennessee (+2.5) vs New Orleans 15-16
WON Detroit (+4.5) vs Kansas City 21-20
WON Las Vegas (+2.5) vs Denver 17-16
LOST Carolina (+3.5) vs Atlanta 10-24
WON San Francisco (-1.5) vs Pittsburgh 30-7
LOST Cincinnati (+2.5) vs Cleveland 3-24
WON Arizona (+6.5) vs Washington 16-20
LOST Houston (+9.5) vs Baltimore 9-25
WON Miami (+3.5) vs LA Chargers 36-34
WON Philadelphia (-3.5) vs New England 25-20
LOST New York Giants (+3.5) vs Dallas 0-40
WON New York Jets (+2.5) vs Buffalo 22-16

Last Year’s Beta Results

Consistent Weekly Profits: Last season’s BETA finished 19 out of 22 weeks on a profitable note, translating to an

86.36% weekly profitability rate


The Team Behind the Revolution

Femi Ayanbadejo

Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Sports AI 

 Professional experience – 26 years

Business Development, Strategic Planning, Consulting, Analytics, App Development, Ai, Start-Ups, Media/Radio/TV/Analyst, NFL Athlete/Coaching Intern


Advanced Sports Ai, HealthReel Inc., Johns Hopkins Strategic Consultant, NASA Technology Transfer Partner, CBS radio, Hearst Media, Baltimore Ravens Radio, NFL Athlete (Vikings, Ravens, Dolphins, Cardinals, Bears)


Johns Hopkins Carey Business School MBA, Wharton Certification Digital Assets, Harvard Certification Advanced Negotiation, Stanford GSB NFL Entrepreneurial Certification, San Diego State University BA Psychology


Dr. Anton Dahbura

Chief Technology Officer
Advanced Sports AI

Professional experience – 42 years

Industrial and Academic Computer Science Research and Management, Corporate Leadership, Software Development, Sports Team Ownership, Baseball Analytics Consultant, International TV Analytics, Start-Ups


AT&T Bell Laboratories, Motorola Cambridge Research Center, Hub Labels, Inc., Dahbura Family LP, Sportslynx, Hagerstown Suns Baseball LLC, Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy, Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute


Johns Hopkins University PhD, MSEE, BSEE


Conner Cross

Lead Applications Developer
Advanced Sports AI

Professional experience – 4 years

Software Engineering, Applications Development, Systems Architecture, Web Development, Cloud Engineering


Advanced Sports AI, Oracle


Montana State University B.S. Computer Science

Sam Oberly

Data Scientist 
Advanced Sports AI

Professional experience

Machine Learning, Software Development, Simulation, Optimization, Data Analytics, Research, Technical Writing, Consulting,  Natural Language Processing


MITRE, NATO’s von Karman Institute, Department of Defense, Johns Hopkins University, 21stCentury Cities Initiative, Cambridge Blockchain Society, University of Cambridge


Johns Hopkins University BS Applied Mathematics and Statistics, BA Mathematics, BA Economics, MSE Applied Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cambridge Mathematics program partnership, von Karman Institute Short-term Training Program


Matthew Blunt

Head of Football Analytics
Advanced Sports AI

Professional experience – 6 years

Digital Signal Processing, Football Analytics, Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Academic Research (Computational Audio Perception, Human Language Technology, Auditory Neuroscience, Audio Forensics)


Advanced Sports AI, Bose Corporation, SensorLogic, Inc


MS Electrical Engineering – Johns Hopkins University
BS Electrical Engineering – Montana State University


Marlaina Miller

Chief Administrator Officer
Advanced Sports AI

Professional experience – 30 years

Business Development,  Management, Talent Recruiting, Training, Investment Planning, Risk Management, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Start-Ups


AIG-American international Group, American General, Guardian, Trusted Advisors, International Analytics, La Pelle Couture, Sportslynx


Columbia College, American College Of Financial Services


Michael Peven

Director of Data Science
Advanced Sports AI


PhD Candidate, Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University MSE, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University BS, Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Research Areas & Interests

Applied machine learning, deep learning, computer vision


Exclusive Free Beta Testing Opportunity

We’re excited to invite you to be among the first to experience our platform. As we’re now in Open BETA, your insights and feedback are invaluable. This is a limited-time opportunity, and we’re seeking passionate NFL fans to help us refine our platform. 


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